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MEHEP have made the utmost effort in validating the facts for these stories, but cannot guarantee. Some of the names have been changed to protect the identity of the individuals or persons involved. You might find some of the information graphic or discomfiting. These stories are brought to the forefront to help give insight into the lives of mentally ill patients, and the struggles their families and friends may encounter when dealing with their loved one’s illness. #Yourvoicematters
Stevie - Behind The Mask

Stevie Worrell was born in Barking in Essex in 1977 and moved to Kent in 1978, where he has lived for the past 41 years. In his spare time he enjoys writing poetry as a form of release to help him with his Mental Health due to a childhood trauma. In the last year he has written his first book which has now been published on Amazon and The Kindle Store. It is an autobiography about the troubles he has had to face throughout his life.

He has self-published this in the hope it will help others to deal with and face their demons just like Stevie has. He continues to try and help others and is now focusing on writing a second book and spends a lot of time writing poetry as a way of expressing himself. He truly believes in making a change and feels the best way to do this is by writing books, as well as poetry. 
This book tells the harrowing true story of how one sick paedophile's depraved act destroyed the next 35 years of a fun-loving and happy 6 year old boy's life and forced him to question everything he knew and trusted in life.  He kept this secret for many years and it shows the devastating impact it had on his life and those around him.  It’s a no holds barred, honest account of how much a childhood trauma can affect the choices you make in life.  It covers his struggles with mental health, drug addiction and alcohol abuse and the desperate need to get justice.  He has spent his life under a cloud of darkness, hiding behind a mask as a way of self preservation but you will learn that facing reality and your demons was the only way to stop a path of self-destruction. 
‘I still remember this day over 30 years later.

The pain and darkness still lives in me and there is not a day that goes by that it doesn’t enter my mind at some point in the day.

No one should have to suffer such trauma at such a young age which is why sometimes in life justice needs to happen one way or another.’

Hello everyone my name is Stevie and I would just like to thank you for taking the time to read my book, hopefully this will help many others in moving forward in their lives rather than punishing themselves just like I did...
You are about to go on a journey into the life of myself, explaining how one sick peadophiles depraved act destroyed the next thirty five years of my life.  I am not looking for sympathy, attention or for anyone to feel sorry for me as if this was the case I would have spoken up many years ago.  This book simply explains how keeping a thirty five year secret will only build up inside of you as you think you can deal with it but all you will really do is destroy yourself from the inside out. 
Secrets will always catch up with you in the end.  I will cover many events in my life but unfortunately most of these will be about the darkness I have had to live through while hiding behind a mask, trying to take my own life on a couple of occasions, playing with death and blocking out everything with alcohol and drugs for a good twenty years, purely on self-destruct.  Even to the point of breaking my neck and suffering a mild heart attack.
In this book I will also be covering Mental Health issues as I suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder due to a childhood trauma.  I feel that not enough men are willing to take ownership of their illness as we live in a society where men struggle to talk about their feelings, also worrying what the ‘so called’ strong ruthless men out there will think about a man who shows any emotions.
I really hope this book helps people in dealing with the above issues and also gives more of an understanding and insight to people that do not suffer as then maybe the ones that do won’t have to keep it a secret any longer and can hopefully enjoy a normal happy and free life, not keeping any secrets.  In my opinion it would not be appropriate for anyone under the age of sixteen to read this book as it will be very deep and I will be covering many situations and emotions in depth which I feel anyone under this age should not have to deal with until they have a full understanding of them.
So please sit back as you will now enter the journey of the little boy who lived behind a mask for many years hiding his true identity.
Many thanks and stay safe...

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