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AM I POLLSTER         CHEAT SHEET                


1.         Anxiety


2.       ADHD


3.       Bipolar


4.       Conduct Disorder

-  Dry mouth

-  Dizziness

-  Diarrhea

-  Pain in chest

-  Shortness of breath

-  Difficulty sleeping

-  Worried

-  Shaking

-  Frequent urination

-  Tiredness

-  Anger easily



              -   Difficulty 

              -   Lack of energy 

              -   Feeling guilty

              -   Hopelessness

              -   Insomnia

              -   Increased sleeping

              -   Anxiety, irritability

              -   Loss of appetite


             -   Thoughts of suicide

             -   Persistent sadness

             -   Headaches

             -   Weight gain or loss




6. Eating Disorders



-   Frequent exercise

    Weight loss

-   Appear extremely           thin, pale and                 malnourish

-   Dehydration

-   Social withdrawal

-   Fear of gaining               weight

-   Refusal to eat

-   Eating low -calorie low - fat food

-   Exhaustion from       exercise

-   Frequent use of laxatives

-   Detest parts of the body

-   Dizziness or fainting spells

-   Frequent use of bathroom

-   Vomiting



-   Weight gain

-   Weight fluctuations

-   Isolation

-   Depression

-   Eating food quickly

-   Secretly eating

-    Abuse alcohol, street drugs

-   Low self esteem

-   Fatigue

-   Insomnia

-   Dehydration

-   Self -induced vomiting

-   Tooth damage due to vomiting

-   Menstrual irregularities









- Problems concentrating

- Restlessness

- Problems completing tasks

- Disorganization

- Frequent mood swings

- Unable to control anger

- Difficulty with stress

- Unstable friendships





- Inattentive to details

- Problems paying attention during tasks or play

- Sloppy mistakes in schoolwork

- Does not listen when spoken to

- Problems organizing tasks or activities

- Does not listen to instructions

- Fail to finish    schoolwork or  chores

- Dislike tasks that need mental effort

- Loses items e.g pens, pencil

- Easily distracted

- Forgetful



Hyperactive & Impulsive





- Frequently get up out of seated area

- Run and climb often

- Difficulty playing quietly

- Always on the go

- Talk excessively

- Difficulty waiting for their turn

-  Interrupts other people conversation



7. (OCD) Obsessive  Compulsive Disorder 




- Concern / fears of germs

-  Idea of things in line/order

- Superstitious

- Compulsive rituals such as washing, checking.

- Taping, counting cleaning and repeating things

- Double checking things, dryers, appliances, switches

- Hoarding, accumulating junk, magazines, newspapers, towels, bottles

- Fear of harming self or others

- Religious and moral scrupulosity


Mania stage





-Bipolar 1-manic state

-Bipolar 2- depressive

-Cyclothymic -mild form of bipolar

Poor judgment
Feeling great or important

-    Aggressive behavior

-    Poor judgment

-    Highly optimistic

-    High self esteem

-    Risky behavior e.g: spending a lot and making unwise financial decisions

-    Delusional

-    Very agitated

-    Lack patience

-    Sleeplessness

-    Fast talking

-    Racing thoughts

-    Low achievement or accomplishment at work or school



Depressive stage

-     Sadness

-     Anxiety

-     Guilt

-     Tiredness

-     Hopelessness

-     Problems sleeping

-     Increase and decrease in appetite

-     Lack of concentration

-     Bad temper



8.  Personality     Disorder

-     Absenteeism from school or work

-      Frequent mood swings

-      Social isolation

-      Anger

-      Difficulty making friends

-      Suspicious of others

-      Need for gratification

-      Drug or alcohol abuse


9. Stress



  -Stress can be caused by  work, life changes, family &   children, financial problems, divorce, being fired from one's own job,  marriage  separation,  injury or illness etc.

      -  Inability to concentrate

      -  Worry

      -  Poor judgment

      -  Feeling overwhelmed

      -  Depression

      -  Loneliness, isolation

      -  Diarrhea

      -  Nausea

      -  Dizziness

      -  Sleeping too much/little

      -  Biting nails & pacing

      -  Memory problems

      -  Speaking negatively








             -  Bullying

             -  Cruelty to others


Destructive       behavior

- Destruction of property

-  Arson




  Deceitful   behavior   

-  Lying

-  Shoplifting

-  Breaking into homes or cars



Violation of rules



        -  Going against rules

         -  Skipping school

         -  Playing pranks

         -   Running away




10.  (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

-  Lack concentration

-  Intense and lasting reaction to traumatic events e.g wars,

-  tornadoes accidents violence,  rape, kidnapping, military captivity or

-other captivity, terrorist attack , natural disasters etc.

- Flashbacks, nightmares,


memories of the events

-  Difficulty falling/staying


-  Loss of interest in life

and other activities

- Feeling jumpy and  easily frightened

- Difficulty concentrating

- Guilt, shame, depression,

anger, suicidal thoughts, loneliness, self blame. etc


11. Substance  Abuse



Aggressiveness & irritability


- Forgetfulness

- Money or valuables missing

- Lying

- Abusive to others

- Getting drunk

-  Avoid friends and families

- Hangovers

- Trouble with law

- Feeling hopeless

- Tardy attire

-  Absence from school or work

- Hiding drugs or alcohol

- Selfish thoughts

- Frequent use of deodorizer or air fresheners

- Possess pipes, rolling paper and other things associated with drug habits







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