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A Bright Light 


1.  For people with mental illness to be treated with the dignity and compassion they deserve as human beings.


 2.  For governments all over the world in every culture to recognize the growing disparity (such as health, education, and jobs, among others) between people with mental health issues and those without.


 3.  For governments to make mental health issues one of their top priorities, and to start allocating adequate funding for the agencies and institutions involved in mental health.


 4.  For mental health institutions, universities, and businesses in the private and public sectors to embark on a collective effort in training, educating and recognizing when a person is mentally ill.


 5.  For individuals who have mental health problems to rise up and refuse to be treated as castaways and rejects of society, but as civilians with a disability.


 6.  For persons diagnosed with serious mental health issues to be encouraged, sometimes with the appropriate force when it is called for, to get the HELP they NEED before it is too late for them. Incarceration, injury and the like may thus be prevented in a timely manner.


 7.  For adequate financial aid and support to be granted to the mentally ill, so they can live a meaningful and productive life in society.


 8.  For undue discrimination, fear, and violence towards the mentally ill to be eradicated and for the stigma surrounding mental health illness to be alleviated.


 9.  When a bright light will shine and the mentally ill will be incorporated into society, living a meaningful and productive life without fear or danger of being harmed or mistreated.


10. When a bright light will shine because change and hope has come for people who are mentally ill.












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