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Richard Kachkar is Declared Not Criminally Responsible (NCR) for Killing Sergeant

3/30/2013 12:00:00 AM

By Staff : KRB

 Bill C-54 Will be His Sentence.


Updated : May 1, 2013 



       Cop Killer Richard Kackhar, is being transferred to the Ontario Shores Center for Mental Health Science, which is located in Whitby, Ontario. While at the psychiatric hospital, Kackhar will be allowed to walk the compound and take supervised visit into the community, a request that was granted by the Ontario Review Board. The review board has also stated that if Kackar is leaving the hospital to visit the community, he will have to notify the local police. This has outraged many people, one of which is Christine Russell the widow of Sgt. Ryan Russell. On March 27, 2013 Richard Kackhar was found not criminally responsible (NCR) for the death of Sgt. Ryan Russell



It was a cold winter night on January 12, 2011, when Kachkar was seen on camera entering a homeless shelter. Then he was seen fleeing the downtown Toronto shelter barefoot, looking frantic and confused. According to various reports and video footage, Kachkar was seen entering a Tim Horton’s coffee shop barefoot and without a jacket. What Kachkar did next left many Canadians astounded. Upon leaving the coffee shop, Kachkar stole a snow plow and went on a rampage in the streets of Toronto for two hours, smashing and hitting cars and injuring pedestrians. 


One of those persons was Sgt. Ryan Russell, a 35-year-old police veteran who had been with the police force for eleven years. He was a husband and the father of two. Sgt. Russell was on duty at the time and was responding to a call about a stolen snow plow being driven recklessly. It has been reported that Sgt. Russell exited his car and fired several shots at the speeding snow plow, which was being driven by Richard Kachkar in the manner of a maniac. Witnesses stated that Kachkar increased speed when he saw the police, resulting in him hitting Sgt. Russell. Russell suffered head injuries and was taken to the downtown hospital, where he died.


On March 27, 2013, Richard Kachkar, 46 years of age, reportedly bowed his head and crossed his hands, showing no sign of remorse in court while the jury read the verdict. It is reported also that three forensic psychiatrists testified for the defence, all of whom stated that Kachkar was in a psychotic state when he was driving the snow plow. The jury deliberated for two months; Kachkar was being charged for first-degree murder. Nevertheless, the jury found Richard Kachkar not criminally responsible (NCR) for the killing of Sgt. Ryan Russell inToronto on January 12, 2011.


After the verdict Sgt. Ryan Russell’s widow, Christine Russell, looked shocked and while leaving the court, she went over to the reporters, stared into the camera, and made this statement: “Stephen Harper, I know you’re listening, and there is something out there called Bill C-54 that’s trying to amend some of the not criminally responsible rights. I’m going to advocate for that very hard.”


What is Bill C-54?

 The Not Criminally Responsible (NCR) Reform Act Bill C-54 has been implemented by the federal government, aiming to provide harsher rules for persons found NCR on the basis of a mental health disorder. Listed below are their aims and objectives:


  • To protect citizens from people that are deemed dangerous and violent. 
  • People that are found Not Criminally Responsible (NCR), and institutionalized should not be eligible for un-escorted passes/permission to leave the mental institution where they are being treated, except under certain circumstances.  
  • Bill C-54 will inform the victims and families when a perpetrator of a crime who is deemed NCR is being released into the public or being freed. 
  • Bill C-54 would prevent a person who falls under the criminal codes from communicating with the victim.  
  •  It will also grant the victims the desire to have the offender banned from certain places. 
  • Any mentally ill offender who requires an escorted pass will have to wait 3 years for a review of that decision instead of the initial one year. 


Bill C-54 – Not Criminally Responsible (NCR) Reform Act – is to ensure the “paramount” safety of the public, according to news reports. 


According to CBC news, Richard Kachkar will remain in custody until a hearing conducted by the Ontario Review Board is held. This will be done in the next forty-five days. The review board will also decide on the type of psychiatric institution in which Kachkar will be placed.

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