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  • France fights kids' mental health woes with free counseling

Read more at: April 17, 2021


  • Students Struggle but Don’t Seek Colleges’ Help

Read more at:


  • Why Are ER Wait Times Getting Longer for Kids in Mental Health Crisis?

Read more April 6,2021


  • How to work through teenage mental illness

Read more - March 17, 2021


  • Teens' mental health claims skyrocket in pandemic

Read more at March 03, 2021


  • Act Now to Address the Escalating Mental Health Crisis in Kids

Read more at: - March 03, 2021 

  • Local teens speak candidly about mental health during pandemic | 'You feel alone all the time'

Read more at: Febeuary 26, 2021 


  • Pandemic's mental health burden heaviest among young adults

Read more at: February 21, 2021


  • The pandemic is taking a toll on teens’ mental health

Read more at: February 19, 2021


  • Kids Already Coping With Mental Disorders Spiral as Pandemic Topples Vital Support Systems

Read more at: - January 29, 2021 


  • Social media damages teenagers' mental health, report says

Read more at: - January 27, 2021 


  • Distance learning lessons: Looking beyond the letter grade

Read mroe at: January 23, 2021

  • The COVID-19 pandemic made U.S. college students’ mental health even worse

Read more at - January 23, 2021 


  • Experts say pandemic fuelling apparent spike in eating disorders among adolescents

Read more at: Canada - January 20, 2021 


  • Young people’s mental health must be a priority this lockdown

Read more at: January 15, 2021


  • Many Parents Support 'Teens Helping Teens' Mental Health Programs at Schools

Read more at: January 19, 2021


  • Video games can improve mental health. Let's stop seeing them as a guilty pleasure

Read more at: - November 23, 2020

  • Pandemic is taking a toll on kids' mental health

Read more at: November 16, 2020


  • University students at significant risk for mental health effects of COVID-19 lockdown

Read more at: October 23, 2020

  • Mental health tips for virtual students

Read more at: - October 8, 2020


  • Social media a problematic coping mechanism for university students’ mental health this fall

Read more at: - September 9, 2020


  • College students brace for the 'second curve' of COVID-19 — its mental health impact

Read more at: August 30, 2020 


  • COVID-19 Lockdown Having an Impact on Adolescent Mental Health

Read more at: June 2, 2020


  • Coronavirus Pandemic Spurring Mental Health Crisis, Especially in the Young

Read more at: June 2, 2020


  • 5 Tips If Your Mental Illness Is Interfering With College

Read more at: April 23, 2020 

  • Mental Health Crises for Ph.D. Students?

Read more at: February 12, 2020


  • University of Ottawa president acknowledges mental health ‘crisis’ in wake of student death

Read more at: February 11, 2020

  • Smartphones, social media use and youth mental health

Read more at: February 11, 2020


  • Justin Bieber Details Drug Abuse, Mental Illness and Lyme Disease Battle

Read more at: Febraury 6, 2020

  • Selena Gomez opens up about single life and her mental health

Read more at: January 8, 2020

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