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How to Carry on, When you Don't Feel like it.


Guest Blogger: Kerriann Toby -MSC).

Counsellor and Certified Life Coach/Founder of Karry-On Services


 What do we do when we feel like tweeting #givingup? Sometimes we might avoid it for a bit, but then if we had our way and tweeted what we felt, that would be our trending tweet. We all have had a day or two like that. But, the day when we are finally able to tweet again #keepgoing, that is when we have applied the steps in how to keep on carrying on. What are these carry on steps? 


Listening to our Self-talk

We would have become very curious about our thoughts, after all we were carrying on alright up until that moment. So whether on our own, with the help of a friend or a life coach, we would have considered: “what am I thinking?” “How is my thinking draining my carry on energy?


We would also considered; “what are the things that we usually say to ourselves to build up our carry on energy?” for example, “I’ve got this” or “time for beast mode,” and “what has happened recently to cause a change in these things?” Sometimes some event or what is going on in one of our relationships could be impacting our usual go-getter carry on energy.


Sometimes simple strategies such as writing positive affirmations or developing a new habit regime might work. Only reducing the self-talk drainers would not be enough. We have to work to re-introduce old self-talk builders or find new self-talk builders that consider our new circumstances, maybe our circumstances have led us into some very new situation, so our self-talk builders might now have to focus more on being bold or embracing some other skill.   


Open up a new Agenda

Days when we are tempted to tweet #givingup are days when we have lost our purpose. Something has happened to make our purpose no longer seem worth the effort. Our #carryon tweet comes back when we become open to a new agenda. It is here we ask; “what now?” We are the only ones who would be able to honestly tell ourselves who or what have hurt our passion for our purpose. When we would have considered this, then we would have had to help ourselves find a new passion and purpose. This ironically enough, would tend to come out of the experience or situation. Looking back over the situation, we would have recognized what is now important to us and in what direction we would want to take our lives. Here is where our new agenda opens up. But here is also where it can shut down if we do not remember to re-visit step one and listen to our self-talk. We would have had to remember to use lots of self-talk builders that would help us to embrace our new agenda.



Listening with our whole Self   

Carrying on is our full-time job that begins at birth. As we go through our journey we continue to use our energy to carry on. Often we could tend to forget or take for granted just how much work the body and mind does to keep up our carry on energy. There comes a time when either the body or mind or both might simply need a bit more nourishing. It is sometimes during these times that we notice our will to carry on might become very low and our usual efforts are not working. In times like these when steps one and two have not given the results, we would have to explore ways to build up our body and mind. It might involve considering; what our body is saying to us- are we in need of some extra rest, a change of scenery, a mini-vacation? Are we getting the required nutrients to fuel our mind? As one blog post reminded mental health is very connected to our dietary patterns


It might be that our body would be needing more or less of some nutrient. For this we can visit our family physician. At other times it might be our emotions trying to speak. There is a common saying that ‘emotions are like children they tug at our clothes until we pay attention.’ There are times when some situation might be taking up a lot of our emotional energies and it is only when we work through those emotions connected to the situation that we are able to return to using our usual energies for our carry on.                   


 If you have been feeling like tweeting #givingup, consider what those of us who have been there would have had to go through to come out at the other end where we can have our tweet trending once more; #carryon #keepgoing. 


Please note that persistent feelings of lack lustre, sadness, morose, low energy beyond two weeks might benefit from seeking a counsellor or a life coach to talk to. 


Kerriann Toby holds a Master of Science in Counselling with training in Cyber-Counselling. She is also a trained educator and mediator and Board Certified Coach (BCC). She holds clinical registration with Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA). 












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