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By: Rose B
Qualification: M.A.
Having Good Oral Hygiene is Good for One's Health


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It is essential that you maintain a good oral hygiene status if you want to smile longer. Most of us are not cognizant of the importance of dental hygiene until there is a problem. However, taking a little time every day can help you avoid most oral problems altogether. There are many advantages of maintaining good oral hygiene, including but not limited to an attractive smile and zero bad breath.

Practising good oral hygiene is essential for all of us, including those who are mentally challenged. We can all put in some effort to ensure that our teeth stay clean and help those who have trouble keeping their teeth clean. To maintain good oral hygiene, here are some guidelines to follow:

1.    Healthy diet – By consuming food items that are healthy, you automatically minimise the risk of plaque formation and subsequent problems. Keep things that contain a large number of sugary substances, such as candy and pop, away from children, as well as from yourself. A diet that is rich in fibre, calcium and other minerals should be followed on a regular basis. Harmful substances such as alcohol should be avoided, and the intake of carbonated drinks should be decreased.

2.    The use of oral hygiene aids – If you brush twice daily and use dental floss after every meal, you minimise the chances of plaque formation. Try to rinse your oral cavity after each meal and use an antibacterial mouthwash at least once a day. 

3.    Regular dental checkups – Make every effort to visit your dentist on a regular basis, so that you are always aware of any dental problems and can get them treated in their initial stages. Scheduling an appointment every six months is an excellent start, but if you cannot manage it that often, take time out to visit a dental clinic at least once a year.

       Many households are home to people who have special health-care needs or are mentally challenged. These people must be guided so that their oral hygiene is in a good state. Here are a few tips that you can follow when it comes to such members of the family:

1.    Avoid giving sugary items to mentally challenged people and discourage others from doing so also.

2.    Encourage them to brush regularly, and have patience when teaching them methods to keep their teeth clean. To make the task easy, break down everything into small steps.

3.    Encourage people with special needs to rinse their oral cavity after each meal, or at least drink water after eating anything.

Maintaining good oral hygiene is not a difficult task, and everyone is quite capable of doing so. Putting in a little effort every day will allow you to show off your glistening, white teeth for years to come. Good luck.




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